I am able to write this review of Anatomy of a boyfriend right now because the author,Daria Snadowsky,offered me a set of the first and the second book in the Anatomy serie.Thank you so so much Daria!

I saw this book  a long time ago on goodreads,and i read some opinions about it too,but i never tought i would be able to read it myself,and i am really happy that i was able to.Anatomy of a Boyfriend (Anatomy, #1)

I begin to read it immediatly after i took it from it’s package,and i don’t regret it.

This book is not just about the story of a girl who never got a boyfriend and never explored anything else than her Operation board game.This is about more than how she had sex for the first time.This is about how she evolved,from a girl that knew nothing,that was shy and a book-worm,trying to become a doctor even if she didn’t wanted to, to a person that understood that when love fades in one of the ends,then it wasn’t ment to be.

This is the story of Dom,a senior that found her ”soul mate” while she felt.Wes is a beautiful boy,intelligent and she just feels in love with him.Hard.He is basiclly her crush.They begin to talk,sending each others e-mails,IM-ing.They begin too meet up,and then,Wes confesses to Dom about his feelings.He had a cursh on her too,his first crush on someone.Like this,they become a couple.

Dom founds the pleasure of being intimate with her boyfriend,even if for her is not how she espected  to be and how  her friend told her would be.

Time is passing and they are going to different universities.Dom’s feelings for him do not dissapear,but in when the winter vacantion arrives,Wes confesses and tells Dom’s that his feelings aren’t the same.Her grandmother died a day ago but she didn’t cared so much because she was thinking at him.She just kept thinking at him but he didn’t love her anymore.

Her heart is ripped off.She can’t understand how everything is gone.She talks to her friend Mm about this but she is still so messed up.

She is going back to university.Is still so hard to keep her mind off Wes,but in time she forgets.Calvin,a random boy begins to talk to her.He is really funny,and Dom is feeling really good with him.That is the moment when she realize that Wes will always will be a part of her,but he will remain in her past.

thank you so much Daria for the oportunitty to read this book!

if you ever have the oportunitty to read this ,just do it!