I bought with no reasons,it wasn’t on my ”to read” section.First i read the Pretty Litlle Liars, and then i realized that i was in love with Sara’s books.The Lying Game (The Lying Game, #1)
 Even if i knew that the series had nothing in common,i was sure that I was going to like this one too.

 Emma is a simple girl,living in s simple house with not such a simple life.She was adopted.But the worst part is that she can still remeber her mother leaving her.
One day she watches a video where a girl,looking exactly like her is strangled.She discovers that that girl is her lost twin sister.
She leaves her adoptive mother house,after sending a message to Sutton,her twin,who called her to her house.
 Getting there Emma has to take Sutton’s life ,because she is missing,probably dead as a note that she found said.
But she knows nothing about Sutton’s friends,and when Emma sees the video where Sutton’s is strangulated, in Sutton’s sister laptop she realizes that Sutton’s killer could be any of her friends.