We all waited.And here it is.I am totally  crazy right now.Just read it.You’ll understand!

I had been a bystander all my life, standing on the sidelines and observing others as they went Tumblr_mjpfaff3lt1qcyjhxo1_400_largealong their ways. Watching wasn’t a pastime I’d done out of fear or shyness. I’ve just always felt more comfortable observing from a distance. Doing so gives me the opportunity to see the bigger picture … the grander scheme … the finished puzzle.
Despite the fact that I grew up in a small, inconsequential southeast Texas town, I’ve had a great deal of opportunities to observe and learn. The past few months, for example, were a virtual encyclopedia of just how weird things can really get — not to mention how bad they can get. I’ll be putting the pieces of that puzzle together for a long time before I realize what the final picture is.
But that’s beside the point. Life as I knew it was over. Gone. Forever. The only thing that remains the same is my constant companion — the dread that resides in the dark spaces deep within. It whispers that some secrets run too deep … it whispers that the worst is yet to come.
And I believe it.

And this is just the preface.I am ireversable in love with this book.Evan if i didn’t read it!

nomsFrom i’ll write my posts in english!I am so happy because i am a part of this Blogtour!!

See you next time!*Wink*