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When you realize

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ca cea mai buna prietena a ta este defapt un strain.Ca nu mai stii nimic despre ea .Ca nu te mai baga in seama.Ca si nici tie nu iti mai pasa de ea,sau ce dumnezeului se mai intampla in viata ei.E un sentiment ciudat,amestecat cu usurare si durere.Ca ai pierdut atatea intr-un timp asa de luxe kills. | via Tumblrscurt.Practic nu a fost asa scurt.Demult am inceput sa racim relatia.Ghiciti din cauza a ce?Nu pe bune incercati sa ghiciti!Nea lasa va zic.Baiat.Si numai zic altceva.

Gazda e super tare.La inceput o citeam mai mult obligata de constiinta,dar acum o ador.Nu pot sa zic ca ‘Aoleu,vaiiii  nu o mai poyt lasa din mana’ sau ceva.Mai ales ca scrie asa de mult,si parca ma ingorzeste ideea ca are 700 de pagini.Dar credeti-ma.E totul diferita de Twiligjt.E mult mai avansata.Mult mai misto.Si sunt super fana twilight.Dar cartea asta e G.E.N.I.A.LA.Daca nu o suportati de Stephanie,sau seria twilight,si credeti ca autoarea a copiat povestea sau ceva citit Gazda.Sa imi ziceti mie de unde a putut copia asa ceva.Aoleu GENIAL!Pe bune.

Asam.HOLY VACANTA!Doamne stiu ca acuma este ‘saptamana altfel’ defapt,dar pe bune,cine face ceva calumea saptamana asta?Venim imbracati cum vrem,mai mult stam,vorbim cat vrem,facem mai ce vrem…Wtf daca asta e scoala…Nu ma deranjeaza.Dar nu mi-ar displacut in locul chestiei asteia sa primesc o saptamana de vacanta.E bine ca nu avem teme.Holy fara teme!Iti dai seama.Fara texte lungi de 2 pagini de analizat cuvant cu cuvant!Halelujiah!

Sa nu mai zic ca maine -poimaine tresa imi ajunga Anna si sarutul frantuzesc,prima mea carte de la epica.Se freaking happy!;o3 Deabea astept sa o ating,sa o miros!!Ador cartile paperback!Nu stiu de ce!Dar=P~.Si vreau sa imi precomand Circul Noptii,pentru ca nu se poate!Suna prea ∞ to infinity and beyond. | via Tumblrgeniiiiiiala!

Si cred ca imi cumpar si probabilitatea statistica….pe asta o vreau de un an !Oki juma…Oki 4 luni!:)))Voi ce ziceti?Ati citit-o ?

Acum tot ce mai sper este ca de acum incolo sa FIE primavara CALUMEA!Azi a fost destul de bine afara,si chiar nu am supar daca si urmatoarele saptamani vor fi la fel.

P.s: MOR FARA PLL!:((Pana in iunie mor.Si da.Am terminat serialul,dar inca nu va zic ni’ca.

P.p.s:Am Tumblr.Si e .Osam.Desigur am reblogat numai chestii cu Pll dar…:))Uite aici click              

P.P.P.S::))Dati click aicisa    daca vreti sa participati la un concusr genial si aici pentru Sange albastru 4;)

Si dati-mi si linkurile de la conturile voastre…sa vad ce mai rebloguieste blogosfera!





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This is bad.very bad.I mean not that kind of bad.It is like…..boring,frustrating.You know.(1) girly | Tumblr

La mine in oras ninge.Si nu asa un fulg la 2 metri,lent,sau mai stiu ce.E ca si cand Dumnezeu ne saruieste din plin,si nu se mai satura.Dumnezeule SPERAM si eu ca am sa pot purta si eu fusta,odata in viata,pentru ca inainte uram sa port fuste.Si nici acum nu pot sa zic ca sunt innebunita,dar vreau sa vad cum imi sta.Mai ales ca merg cu fust la scoalaDE BUNAVOIE.Asta ar trebuii sa o insemneze cineva undeva.

Pur si simplu nu mai pot.Iarna e cald si flioscaeala peste tot.dar nu destul de cald incat sa iti pui fusta bineinteles.Iar acum primavara,la sfarsitul lui martie,ninge ca naiba.WTF is wrong with you winter?

La voi ninge?probabil ca da.,Dar stii ce ma enerveaza si mai mult,Ca bucurestenii stau acasa.Vreau si eu acasa.Nu vrea chimie,nu vreau tehno,a si azi mai avem si sport.Iar sala Wonderl4nd | via Facebooknoastra este mai mica decat o sala de clasa.Si o sa puta acolo…si mai avem si o masa de pinpong acolo care ocupa ditamai spatiul.Clar.Cineva acolo sus ma uraste.O sa puta:((

Asa.Am cam lasat la o parte wattpadul.Dar imi pare rau.Totusi nu pot sa promit cine stie ce revenire uimitoare.Nu pot sa zic ca nu am timp.Ok nu prea am.Dar nici chef nu am.Si cand o sa am o idee brilianta am sa ma intorc.

ProfiilikuvatPretty little liars.OMFGOMFGOMFGOMFG.Deci daca nu te-ai uitat pana acum atunci nu stiu de ce nu o faci.Tresa ai vreo problema.E absolut genial.Sunt la ultimele episoade din sezonul 3,si suint asa freaking curioasa.Stiu ca ziceam ca nu o sa ma uit la ultimul episod inainte sa citecs cartea,dar sorry.Nu pot astepta in halul asta.Sunt om!Doamne si daca ar fi sa ma apuc acuma sa va povestesc….dar lasa.Am sa fac alta data un post legat de asta.Cred ca ar trebuii sa mai scriu si eu niste recenzii.Am sa fac un pol unde veti putea vota;)A si nu uitati de concuuurs mai sunt cateva zile.

Asam.Cred ca asta a fost tot.A si citesc Gazda.E ciudata.Dar omfg tare.Huh chiar imi pare rau ca nu am mai postat.Dar nu stiam despre ce.Asa ca acuma am postat despre tot ca nu am mai postat demult*ghiveeeeci*.A si am luat un 10 la mate.Unul adevarat.Now i can be the queen of the world=P~

(isn’t toby yhe sexiest man alive?!?!?)


Blink Once review.

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I know it taked so looong time.But just now my inspiration camed to surface,so here we are.I am writing the review of my very fisrt english signed book i ever read.I just have to thank you Cylin for….a trilion times that you trusted me.Please don’t hate  me because i didn’t wrote this before.Kanarek

Description:West is a high school senior who has everything going for him until an accident leaves him paralyzed. Strapped down in his hospital bed, slipping in and out of consciousness, West is terrified and alone. Until he meets Olivia.

She’s the girl next door-sort of. A patient in the room next to his, only Olivia can tell what West is thinking, and only Olivia seems to know that the terrible dreams he’s been having are not just a result of his medication. Yet as West comes to rely on Olivia-to love her, even-certain questions pull at him: Why has Olivia been in the hospital for so long? And what does it mean that she is at the center of his nightmares? But the biggest question of all comes when West begins to recover and learns that the mysterious girl he’s fallen in love with has a secret he could never have seen coming.

i can't live with myself.West is a normal boy.That had am accident.And it is in coma.It may happen to anyone.But this is different.He stays like this almost for a whole year.But it is not getting bored.Olivia,another patient at the same hospital is visiting him everyday.And easily,he enjoys more and more her company.Their first kiss seems so unreal,so perfect.

She stayed with him almost all the time,when nobody was in the room.She didn’t like the nurses,so she was hiddding almost all the time.Everything went pretty good.

Till,Olivia heard West’s mother talking about a surgery.Olivia didn’t visit him so much.She beacme distant.AWest was feelling more lonely than ever,beacuse he couldn’t breath,beacuse Drowningof all the tubes that helped him to breath,

After the surgery,West finnaly went home.But Olivia.He discovers that she is in coma.For 2 or 3 years.That he never moved from his place.That he never done anything.But he proved that he heared everything.He praied for Olivia.He visited her.But it wasn’t enough.

After some days Olivia died.But West is strong.Or just actting  like he is.

My opinion:I was scared first.It was my first english book,so i thought that it will be hard to read it.but it was so easy!Really now.I just loved it.Is romantic,powerfull,minblowing.I never thought that she could die.I was really surprised.Is not as the rest .I really reacomend it.Is….it really changed a part of my life.Beacuse of this book i take care more than i used to,especially with the person i love.You have to  read it!

                      Thank you again Cylin,for giving me the chace to read this amazing book.I really can’t thank you enough!


Firefly Excerpt.

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We all waited.And here it is.I am totally  crazy right now.Just read it.You’ll understand!

I had been a bystander all my life, standing on the sidelines and observing others as they went Tumblr_mjpfaff3lt1qcyjhxo1_400_largealong their ways. Watching wasn’t a pastime I’d done out of fear or shyness. I’ve just always felt more comfortable observing from a distance. Doing so gives me the opportunity to see the bigger picture … the grander scheme … the finished puzzle.
Despite the fact that I grew up in a small, inconsequential southeast Texas town, I’ve had a great deal of opportunities to observe and learn. The past few months, for example, were a virtual encyclopedia of just how weird things can really get — not to mention how bad they can get. I’ll be putting the pieces of that puzzle together for a long time before I realize what the final picture is.
But that’s beside the point. Life as I knew it was over. Gone. Forever. The only thing that remains the same is my constant companion — the dread that resides in the dark spaces deep within. It whispers that some secrets run too deep … it whispers that the worst is yet to come.
And I believe it.

And this is just the preface.I am ireversable in love with this book.Evan if i didn’t read it!

nomsFrom i’ll write my posts in english!I am so happy because i am a part of this Blogtour!!

See you next time!*Wink*



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Stie cineva vreun site super sigur de comandat carti?Inafara de cele de la noi.Ok reformulez.Ce ziceti de Bookexpress?Adica as vrea sa comand ceva de acolo dar nu prea cunosc  pe acolo…sau de pe ebay?Credeti de e sigur sa comand de pe ebay carti?Vreau sa zic unele sunt destul de ieftine,dar nu foarte.Adica nu i-au ceva foarte ieftin si ma trezesc doar cu o cutie.Vreau sa incerc sa comand si de prin alte parti si nu stiu de unde:-?Voi v-ati comandat vreodata de pe un site  international?

Hai ca ma duc al romanii au talent!;)Waiting for responses!



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Bun deci saptamana asta am dat peste o melodie absolut,total,impecabil de geniala.Efectiv.Cred ca pentru mine este piesa lunii,anului,secolului!Si lumea nu prea stie de ea.Uite,vi-o las sa vedeti si voi cat de genialaaaaaaaaaaaa poate fi! Chiar va implor sa o ascultati.Altfel ati trait degeaba.
Si va sfatuiesc sa dati boxele la maxim.Si nu va pacaliti de primele 10-15 secunde.Credeti-ma.Asta este cea mai tare melodie din cate am vazut eu!


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Tumblr_mj031bk3z91s6kmtho1_400_largeSi am fost atat de speriata incat am pierdut ocazia.Voi sa nu faceti la fel.

Va rog.

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