Here they are!Just look at this amazing stuff.And yes,YES!There are Cicada and Firefly ready to go to one of you!I just can not to wait.Just look at them!Just look.Are so incredible!I just want them.ALL OF THEM!Especially Cicada and Firefly.I mean…who don’t want them?!?!:))You gotta be insane if you do not want this books(no ofense:))And the banner is absolutely AMAZING! I don not know who done it,but i just have to thank to him/her.It is ….i am speechless.Seriously.

Here you can see some of the activities which are going to teach us more about this serie,espiecialy about Firefly.I can’t wait!!!You see?it is going to be published the new Cicada cover!Omg.I CAN”T          BELIVE THIS!There will be designer interviews!this is so awesome.I …can’t say anything.


And i am sure you do the same.See you next time;)Bye