Recenzie  de pe Goodreads.

This review is honestly,and directly from soul.
If you think that thsi is not a good read,or you won’t like it,or anything like that,you are TOTALLY WRONG.
It may contain spoilers
Kellsey is a girl .A normal one.Not popular,not very beautifull,not very intelligent.You know.She has her Bff’s and her High-school monster.But when sje hears that the monster won’t came anymore at thier High-school,she knows that this year is going to be the best .But is hard when yout mom buys you clothes just from Second-hand.And a photographer is stalikng you,and taking photos when you look horiblle,and then print them in the school newspaper.Freshman Year & Other Unnatural Disasters
Let’s say that this is not So bad.Can it be worst?
When she finds that her Bff is dating with jordan,her crush from..the beginig of the world,she finds that this can go worst.
I liked everything from it.And there are some frazes that made me laugh.And belize me…i don’t laugh while i am reading very often.
It’s so awesome.And nothing(NOTHING)it’s what you think.It is a easy read,that you will love from the begining.You will not be able to let it down.I recommend this to absolutely everybody.You just don’t have to lose it.

You won’t regret