Recenzia este recenzia mea de pe goodreads,iar mai pe seara o voi scrie si in romana…Sunt chiar bucuroasa,,,este prima mea recenzie de pe goodreads.Sa imi ziceti ce credeti!

it was really …Wow.I didn’t expect at this…I really liked.It is an easy read,which you can read in several hours.
It may contain spoilers.

Ok so…Issabelle is the most beautifull,intelinget,popular,loved,etc but she is really stupid when is talking about boys.Ok.It’s really wierd…but i liked it.
That Shawn is really….*no words*..And i can say that belle is a little stupid too.I want to say…He had an accident with her car,and then she forgives him like it was nothing.And she sees him kissing another girl,but after she stays  a little without him she wants him back?like…WHAT?a really crazy girl….she could have any of the boysIubitul virtual in there but she choose the bad jerk one?
Vivi.Is a little annoying,and sometimes i really understood Lane…Vivi is crazy.But i liked like that.I really love the scene when Lane leaved her alone,in the airport,then going to Curtis to say what she fells for him,so nervous…and surprise,he fells the same to.
Something that annoyed me a little….That nobody saw that Vivi’s brother is in love with Isabelle.But i liked how he lied Lane that he is gay:)) Good job!
I liked this book a lot,and i loved how it was written.I am sure that is not the last book that i read by Kate Brian!

Si chiar asa este.Am in plan sa mai cumpar o carte de Kate Brian Ex-Mas.See ya!

By Lulu